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    Re: Lifetime warranty???/

    Well, there would have to be other rules to be set in place for the less honest people I would think. Also, they could get a refurbished tool in return. Nothing says it has to be new. Many other companies also do this. If no tools are available the computer database the rep has in front of him should tell him that.

    I'd bet that the Lowes lifetime policy has been changed (why my paperwork is different from the web) to prevent people from passing tools, buying used, black market, etc and still having the warranty in place. I have no problems with that.

    I agree with you on having a backup. I even have backups for the backup. Some companies cannot or will not (cheap) buy spares. Lots of companies make their employees buy their own tools. Having weeks of downtime is no good. How many low paid hole drillers can afford having 2 or more hole-hawgs? Yes, someone could rent a tool but it shouldn't have to be that way.

    The Kobalt tools have performed well. The corded circular saw I used to rip pressure treated lumber. I had no issues with lack of power, overheating, or blade wobble. It has a really long cord which is good for cutting plywood sheets. The hand tools like screwdrivers, nut drivers and hammers, appear to be as durable as anything else out there. Though, the handle padding on the nut drivers tends to fall off over about a year's time. I think it's due to my excessive usage of the tool as well as hard hand callouses. During the winter servicing months the 1/4 and 5/16 inch drivers would be easily handled 200-250 times a day. My coworker had the cordless kit. It performed OK but sounded louder than some of the other competition's. Battery life (Li-ion) was comparable to others. Though, the auto shutdown feature for too hot, too cold, and pre-emptive draining can be a nuisance. My porter cable kit has the same thing. Another coworkers makita kit doesnt have it.

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      Re: Lifetime warranty???/

      I haven't read through all the opinions here, as I thought this was a really old post; so, I'm catching it a bit late.

      However, here's what I know from talking to Home Depot's headquarters office in Atlanta, several years ago. At the time, I called them because of the "fading receipt problems that were being reported at the time. I'm really surprised that this still exists, but I have seen a couple of posts in the last few months, which have mentioned the problem.

      In any case, Home Depot centers all report their "receipt" data to Atlanta and the HQ office keeps those for some time. As I was told, if you can give the date of the purchase and the store ID from which the purchase was made, then Atlanta can issue you another receipt. You can do that either directly or have the store do that for you, as I understand it.

      If the product was a gift, and therefore the receipt is not available for whatever reason, you could ask the person if they have their credit card data or cancelled check which would pin down the exact date of the purchase. With that and the store ID, you could then get a proper receipt. But, after four months, I also believe it will be necessary for you to contact Ridgid Customer Service in order to straighten out the issue of the time lapse... I believe registration for the LLSA must be within 90-days of purchase.

      So, I think this CAN be done. You of course would be the one who would have to make this effort and therefore your value of the tool and your time would have to be considered.

      Good luck,