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Collet on r2401 laminate trimmer

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  • Collet on r2401 laminate trimmer

    I just received an r2401 laminate trimmer by Ridgid. When I try to put in a bit, the collet will not hold the bit even though it is tightened as tight as it can go. The bit just slips out. I am using a 1/4 inch bit just as the machine requires. Any help?

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    Re: Collet on r2401 laminate trimmer

    first i do not have this unit, but on all of my 5 routers this is how there made,

    is the inside part of the collet in the unit, under the nut, that is what I call the collet, it is usually a tapered round piece of metal that usually has at least one slot in it and in the center the hole that the bit fits into, it should look like this from what I can figure out,

    if for some reason that is missing it will not hold the bit, if it is missing and NEW, take it back and get one that has it,

    I would take it apart, the nut off, (usually take the base off the motor as well, easier to work on, and UNPLUG it), take the nut off and then see if that piece is in the unit, if not you will need to get one, if it is there take it out and see if any thing is under it, and could be stopping it from tighten (going down), the nut pushes it down and the taper allows it to get smaller clamping on to the bit, if dirt dust or other is under it it may not go down far enough to tighten,

    inspect to see if it is not scored, up (in other words, that is smooth and clean) if it had been run with a loose bit it may be damaged and over sized and may not hold,

    double check the bit that the shank is a 1/4 of an Inch and not smaller, (never saw one that was off or smaller besides like 1/8" for dremal type tools,

    IF it all checks out to your understanding and still cant not get it to work and it is new, take it back and have it replaced, and before leaving the store check out the new unit,
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      Re: Collet on r2401 laminate trimmer

      Thank you so much for your help. No, there is no insert inside. It is a reconditioned tool so I am sending it back.


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        Re: Collet on r2401 laminate trimmer


        That is EXACTLY what the collet looks like... I just examined my R2400, and as I recall there is little to no difference in the newer model's collet design. That steel collect mates inside the taper bore on the inside of the motor shaft and the collet nut, when tightened forces the collet down into the bore and it is thus tightened around the router bit shank. NO collet insert, and you can tighten that nut as much as you want and it does nothing to secure the bit!


        Nice call and fast too! I had to go grab my router and take a look, not to mention the great picture you posted.



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          Re: Collet on r2401 laminate trimmer

          That's what I was doing....tightening and tightening and getting nowhere. What a difference a teeny, tiny part like that makes, huh? Thanks CWS and BHD for your insights. I'll let you know how the little router works out...once they send me one that works!!