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Help R4512 Rust Chute question

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  • Help R4512 Rust Chute question

    I feel like idiot asking this question.
    I figured I would go to Home Depot and by a 4 inch PVC elbow and attach it to my dust chute and then hook my quick connect Rockler hose attachment to it and be done .
    No way
    I couldn't find and elbows that would fit the dust chute.

    Can you tell me how you guys attached you're plumbing to the dust chute ?

    I saw one poster who said he used a bunch of duct tape to make up the size difference.
    I am hoping there is a better way ?


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    Re: Help R4512 Rust Chute question

    Fernco couplings, found in Plumbing section of HD, Lowes, etc, work very well for this type of situation.
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      Re: Help R4512 Rust Chute question

      Is this what you're trying to do? Check post #6 on this link:



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        Re: Help R4512 Rust Chute question

        Yes But I want to keep it 4 inches I will try your idea about the rubber coupler fitting with oil and see if I can make it work . I was under the impression I could slip any 4 inch pvc connection on the chute but I see thats not the case.
        Thanks for the reply

        Originally posted by lreops View Post
        Is this what you're trying to do? Check post #6 on this link:


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          Re: Help R4512 Rust Chute question

          Is the saw port the same as the hose ID, (what I am asking will a short length of hose joint the two together, another possiblty is the auto parts and an exhasut pipe coupler for a larger tube,

          I do not have the saw or a DC system, but is this what you need?


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            Re: Help R4512 Rust Chute question

            HD has a sewer and drain pipe product that some stores place in the garden center and others place in plumbing. it's white with a black interior lining. it should fit right over the 4" dust port on the 4512 dust pan. it fits right over the same part on my older ridgid TS.

            that same pipe product has elbows and couplings, as well as an adapter, that converts the 4" sewer and drain pipe to 3" schedule 40 pipe. most flex hose end adapters, like the dustright, should fit right over it. it does for me when i put this on the end of my flex hose:

            Buy DWV PVC Pipe To 4-Inch Hose Dust Collection Adapter Fitting at Woodcraft
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