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RD8000 Oil Question

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  • RD8000 Oil Question

    Neither Operator's Manual nor Subaru engine manual state whether synthetic oil can be used - so can synthetic oil be used ?
    Also I have read here on the forum about this unit's high oil consumption comments.
    Operator's Manual page 13 states - "Note: Non-detergent or 2-stroke engine lubricants will damage the engine and should not be used."
    Can STP Oil Treatment be used in this engine ?

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    Re: RD8000 Oil Question

    Yes. The only real difference between non-syn and syn oil is the manufacturing process. Synthetic is man made. Non-synthetic is nature made from dead dinosaurs and stuff. Synthetic has been known to last longer and be more durable. In some instances, it has been proven to cut down on oil usage.

    Non-detergent and 2-strokes don't have the cleaning abilities, heat resistance or chemical requirements for this engine. Most times the manufacturer will not state the reasons. Use only the weight and type they specify.

    Why do you think you need an 'oil treatment'? Remember, anything put into the oil that is not approved by the manufacturer may be an excuse for "no warranty".

    High oil consumption usually means that an engine has loose specifications. It can be from faulty parts, cheap parts, bad design, and bad assembly.

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      Re: RD8000 Oil Question

      until it past warranty I would only use what the manual suggests, no reason to give them any reason t denied a claim, after that if it meets the oil specs or better us it,

      one trick I have heard on longevity on the small engines is to Changing oil often at the beginning and it makes since,
      change after the first 30 Min's, of running,
      then in the next hour, and then three hrs,
      and then 10 hr, and then go to the manual suggestions,


      running some additives will not let an engine break in properly, part of the break in process is a wearing process where the parts mate them these to each other, and if too slick it will not break in the rings properly.,

      the "detergent" keeps the dirt in suspension,
      (do not knwo if this engine has a filter or not),
      if there was not a filter on the motor I really doubt if synthetics will help any, as you should be changing the oil to remove the dirt out of it, so a oil that will last longer really will not help one much, and the chemical package of the standard oils will more than out last the change recommendation of the small engine,
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        Re: RD8000 Oil Question

        Thanks for the replies.
        Good tip for letting the engine get properly seated first before using STP.
        I have 10 hours on the engine now and will change oil and see how much was used during its break in plus strain the oil looking for metal particles.
        Will probably switch over to synthetic oil.


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          Re: RD8000 Oil Question

          Changed oil today after 10 hours of use under load. Unit used about 25% of oil. Found no metal particles in oil.
          During fuel refill I shut down engine by turning off the fuel valve. After fuel refill engine was had to start. Tried electric start two times then used manual start three more times before engine started.
          I probably will not use the fuel valve shut off to stop engine again. I use mid grade gas 89 octane plus STABIL so hopefully that will keep the carb from getting clogged.
          Will change oil again after 10 more hours then switch to synthetic oil.


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            Re: RD8000 Oil Question

            Holy cow! 25% of 1.2 total liters is a boatload of oil in my opinion (10.1 ounces). Per the engine service manual for the Subaru EX40 it should use 7-11 mL of oil per hour under load. Using the max (11), that converts to .37 ounces per hour. Over 10 hours that's 3.7 ounces. Where is it all going? There are lots of reports on the internet of this manufacturer's engine leaking oil. Is yours leaking it or burning it? There have also been many complaints on this forum and elsewhere of this generator being a hard or no starter.

            You may want to try synthetic. It has a higher heat tolerance due to its chemical composition and may not evaporate off so quickly (if that is what's happening).

            p.s. - i cant see any content on your other generator post. maybe it's on my side, but can other people comment if they see content?

            The YouTube video mentioned in the snippet I can see. The gas gauge in the video is a non-approved after market add-on, per Ridgid Tech Support in some Home Depot reviews of this generator.
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