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  • tp1300 infeed roller replacement

    I've received my T1300 infeed roller but looking at the PDF of the exploded parts does not help me understand what I need to do to replace the old roller. Does any body have the instructions or know where I can get a copy?

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    Re: tp1300 infeed roller replacement


    I don't recall seeing any repair/replacement procedures in the owner's manual, and I do agree that the "repair" parts list would be of little help.

    Have you called Ridgid "Customer" or "Technical" support on this issue? While I haven't had to face this particular challenge yet, I did have to call them when I replaced the drive belts on by Ryobi BT3100 table saw (they are the same folks) and they were quite helpful, sending me a write-up that they had made of the procedure. They may well have a similar bulletin or procedure of the 1300.

    I don't suppose you have your planer registered into the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement program, do you? If so, you could simply let them do the whole job.

    Good luck and hope you can find some instructions directly from Ridgid,



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      Re: tp1300 infeed roller replacement

      Well damn, I just completed a detail reply and now I don't see it.


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        Re: tp1300 infeed roller replacement

        It seems that when I registered my unit I did something wrong and I do not have the limited lifetime service agreement program. I could not find any instructions after much searching so I just blundered into it. It took me about three hours but now that I know what to do I think it would take about one hour. Following are the basic steps, note: I used two plastic butter tubs to hold all of the small parts thus I did not loose anything (at least nothing that I'm aware of).
        1. Remove the upper left and right caps and left/right covers. NOTE it is not totally necessary to remove the right side but it does make things a bit easier but it was a pain to remove the handwheel and other goodies so I could remove the cover. Knowing what I know now I would not remove the right side but it is necessary to remove the left side.
        2. On the left side remove the lock ring holding the sprocket on the roller
        3. Now turn the planer upside down, use blocks to level the unit on your workbench (NOTE: At this point I broke the thickness scale indicator on the front right side as I rotated the unit, thus I suggest you remove it (two screws)).
        4. Now you want to remove the parts holding the roller into the unit. NOTE there is a bit of tension on the screws due to the coil springs under the roller bearing blocks and when removing the last screw on each side take care that parts don't go flying (It took me about 15 minutes to find one part that went flying).
        5. From each side you will remove two hex screws, retaining plate (on my unit the left and right retaining plates were different) roller bearing blocks, coil spring
        6. Remove the roller bearing blocks from the old roller and install on the new roller
        7. Reverse the above to reinstall
        8. Once installed ensure you don't have any extra parts (I did not) and then test to see if it works (for me it did).
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          Re: tp1300 infeed roller replacement


          Thanks for the 'step-by-step' procedures that you listed. I'll print them out and stick them in my TP1300 manual for future reference.

          I'm glad to read that you figured it out and are now up and running.

          Thanks again, and welcome to the Ridgid forum,



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            Re: tp1300 infeed roller replacement

            In another forum a TP1300 owner stated that it was necessary for him to replace the infeed and outfeed as a pair because when he just replaced the infeed there was a difference in the diameter of the rollers and it did not work. For me this was not the case and I just replaced the infeed roller.