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  • Bad Charger?

    I have two Ridgid battery chargers, both 140276001's and when I plug them in, the red light turns on but when I plug the batteries in, either the 18 volt or 14.4 volt, the red light flashes and...that's all they do. Admittedly, they are older chargers, being bought in 2007 as were the batteries but does that make them unchargeable or...? Wouldn't the charger at least try to charge them? I thought that I had registered them for the lifetime warranty thing but apparently, I didnt. Just throw 'em out and buy new ones? Thanks for any input/feedback.

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    Re: Bad Charger?

    how long do you wait before removing the battery from the charger? i had that happen to one of my 18V batteries but when i left it in the charger, it eventually started charging after ~ 15 minutes.
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