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  • 3650 strength

    I'm trying to cut a 3/4 inch? notch across the underside of 5/4 pine, the saw slows and stops as it tries to cut.
    Is the motor weak? Is the fairly new blade wrong? Any suggestions? Thank you.

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    Re: 3650 strength

    Need a little more info there, skip.
    Is the notch 3/4" deep or 3/4" wide?
    Does the blade burn the wood?
    Does it bind in the wood?
    That motor should be able to handle pine with no problem.
    We love pics.


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      Re: 3650 strength

      Too fast of a feed rate.
      Fence not parallel with the blade or vice versa.
      Motor improperly mounted.
      Dull blade.
      Incorrect style of blade for job at hand.
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        Re: 3650 strength

        Are you using a dado stack or just a regular kerf blade and how deep a cut are you making? You say it's 5/4 pine, but should that matter really (at least as I'm thinking), as it's the depth of the cut that matters I would think. (You could be notching the bottom of a 4 x or 2 x or just a wide board and depending on the stock, dampness or whatever, it could be binding on the blade.

        As the other two replies have mentioned, please provide more infomation.




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          Re: 3650 strength

          A 3650 is up to just about any normal woodworking task, and cutting a 3/4" dado sounds pretty routine. So either your saw has a problem or you're doing something wrong.


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            Re: 3650 strength

            Might seem like a dumb question but are all the blades and chippers in your dado stack installed correctly? If you got even one chipper it would put a huge drag on the motor I think. Not sure cause I never did it myself but seems reasonable and its not that hard to get one reversed if you're not paying attention.
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              Re: 3650 strength

              That saw should have no problem cutting pine. Just the other day I cut 8/4 walnut and 8/4 maple without issue. You most likely have a cheap or dull blade. Make sure it is a rip or combo blade, it's clean and sharp. I am also assuming the stock is flat and square. You should also be running some type of dust collection.