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ridgid 18 volt worklights/flashlights comparison

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    Re: ridgid 18 volt worklights/flashlights comparison

    So, I dropped my R869 a couple weeks ago and shattered the CFL but the light itself came away undamaged. It got me thinking, and decided to try and replace that stupid curly bulb with something brighter and safer (more robust). So, I looked around Home Depot and found an amazingly simple solution! I'll warn you, its BRIGHT! The light itself says not to exceed a 9w CFL bulb. Figured, why not a 9w or less LED as for the most part, the workings are not to different, and its low voltage. The only unit I found that will fit in the housing is the new Cree brand bulbs. They are the only bulbs with a complete dome on the top. It doesn't fit with the glass dome, but is easily removed as its only attached by a small amount of adhesive and a good twist of the hand snaps it right off. The one I used was the 9w (60w) daylight bulb. The soft white uses 9.5w so I figured I shouldn't go that route. They do have 6w (40w) in soft white and daylight but I was looking for more lumens. The 40w only was 450, the 60w is 800. The stock CFL I believe was around 500 lumens. Anyway, it works awesome and will light up a entire room w/out a problem at all!