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Rigid 4331 Planer - Alignment Issue

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  • Rigid 4331 Planer - Alignment Issue

    Began planing raw oak (~1" thick) to 3/4" (using 1/32-1/16" cuts). Set up the Repeat-a-cut and depth gauge according to procedure. Then during the in-feed the board began intermittently moving and stopping and it didn't go all the way through. I had to stop the machine, raise the cutting head to pull the board free. Went through the above procedure again and it did the same thing. Also, I'd tried running the board through on the left side of the machine and it wouldn't even go through while it would go through on the right side. This leads me to believe that the cutting head is out of alignment. Could someone please advise as to what the problem is and provide a fix. I'd like to attempt to fix it before having to drive many miles to a repair station or send it back via R.O. Thanks in advance.