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rattle in my 13" planer

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  • rattle in my 13" planer

    I bought a new Ridgid planer a year ago. ALmost immediately it made a rattling sound, similar to a screw out somewhere. It quit after several more times of use, but would come back once in a while. I planed about 1000 LF of wood with no problems. This year I needed to do some more work but this noise worries me. I checked everything I could and flipped the blades. they appeared in good shape. I have inspected the gears on the side and they appear okay, not broken. I did notice that if I tilted the unit that it will stop the noise sound. I pulled the brushes out of the motor and they are very slanted.

    Too, to add to the problem, the rollers don't appear to be turning at all times. There is no slack side to side or up and down. I laid a ruler across the rollers and the blades appear to be about 1/16" lower than rollers. I'm sure if this is correct.

    Should I just carry it back to Home Depot (100 miles one way) or try to fix it.

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    Re: rattle in my 13" planer

    If the blades is below the rollers then you have a problem, the rollers should be spring loaded and below the cutter head, when not planing wood, (at least ll planers I have seen, do not have this one),
    most likely you will need to take it to a repairer center than home depot, call the depot first get the name of whom yo speak to and see if they can do any thing or what needs to be done,
    may not hurt to call Ridgid as well,
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