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18-Volt Angle Grinder Console Only

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    Re: 18-Volt Angle Grinder Console Only

    Originally posted by rofl View Post
    I put my grinder through a workout yesterday. Used it with a paint stripping wheel to remove loose garage floor paint and prep the whole surface for another coat. Some impressions:

    Love the build and design. After comparing it to other models I am very satisfied with the quality of the build and the ergonomics of the design. The top location of the trigger was good. I would accidentally turn off my Hitachi because it has a side switch. This never happened with the Ridgid. The angle of the battery was nice. Out of the way but close enough to use as a steadying point, against my forearm, when I did some one handed operation.

    It was comfortable to use and worked well with compact and full size batteries. I didn't really notice that much difference using the tool with either type of battery other than run time. I was running continuously so I drained batteries quickly. About 4 minutes on compact and 8 minutes with full size. I had 2 full size and 4 compact and I did burn through them faster than I could charge....even with 3 chargers. Had to use my corded Hitachi while batteries cooled and charged. I didn't stress the motor much so the red light rarely came on. Since maximizing battery life and also the life of the abrasive wheel was the goal I just let the weight of the tool provide the pressure for stripping.

    It really isn't suited for lengthy, continuous duty unless you have a LOT of batteries, but seems like it can do anything should expect from a corded model while keeping in mind the typical cordless limitations.

    Very happy with the purchase.
    Good review! I picked up the Ryobi cordless grinder a couple years ago and it is very weak. Came in handy for some small tasks but will bog down under any resistance such as when heavy grinding. If Ridgid comes out witha heavy duty impact, I will buy the grinder as well. Don't want to expand just yet.


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      Re: 18-Volt Angle Grinder Console Only

      Mine should be here Wednesday!