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What do I do with this tool?

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  • What do I do with this tool?

    I have a 12v jobmax, in a few months it will be three years old. I don't have it registered, don't have the receipt but it's my understanding it can be warrantied under the three year warranty based on the manufacturing date.

    My questions is what do I do with it to get it serviced? It's not registered to my online account like my other tools so what would the procedure be for getting the tool fixed.

    Issue I'm having is it cuts out and will not power up. I'll pick it up, pull the trigger and most of the time it will work but sometimes it just doesn't. It's not over heated as this happens sometimes right off the start. I take the battery out and put it back in a few times and I tap it around the trigger, remove the head, reassemble and finally it will start to work again.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: What do I do with this tool?

    any repair center should fix it if the date it's brought in for service is within 3 years of the manufacture date, which is embedded in the serial number. HDs with tool rental depts. are now accepting ridgid tools for repair. they only facilitate sending the tool to a repair facility, but if a HD is closer than a repair facility, it could save you some travel time.
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      Re: What do I do with this tool?

      Hmmm, to answer my own thread, I guess you call Ridgid where the nice lady verifies by the serial number the tool would still fall under warranty service and then she gives you a place where you can bring it to for service. The tool center will be able to verify by date code the same as she did on the phone that the tool is still covered.

      (Thanks FINER9998, I figured it out and was posting the same time as you)


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        Re: What do I do with this tool?

        That's actually a very common problem with the Ridgid 12v Jobmax. Mine had the exact same symptoms just before I drop kicked it across the floor a few times. I bought the 120v one and have been very happy.


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          Re: What do I do with this tool?

          If it isn't under waranty I woudn't waste my time repairing it.

          At the cporidgid site you can buy a recondtioned kit with 2 batteries and a charger for $50. This will have more warranty than a repair and expand your set.


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            Re: What do I do with this tool?

            I own the 18v version of the JobMax, I just acquired this one from a guy I know a few months ago so I haven't used it much but now that I needed it (sanding inside a confined area) it's been bugging out. It's not in the best condition, I find the 12v is very sloppy, feels like head is going to fall of it's worn in that much.

            I took it figuring I may eventually get the other Ridgid 12v drill, flash light and impact. But I'm not so sure now. I already bought a few Milwaukee 12v tools and they are awesome.

            lol also I though the warranty was up in a couple months, turns out the warranty is up next week so I'll be bringing it in tomorrow morning for repair.

            Rofl, I live in canada so I don't get to buy the same stuff as you guys. I wish I could buy some of the reconditioned tools etc for the prices you guys pay on the .com site.


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              Re: What do I do with this tool?

              Is it true that you need to register a battery even though it is not eligible for LSA in order to be elligable for the three year manufacturers warranty? The battery I have is only two years old.