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  • LSA Missing Question

    I have had no problems with my LSA but my dad has. He sent in all the required documentation (actually I did so I know it was done correctly). The problem is that Rigid says they never received it and now his 3yr is up. What do you do if they or the USPS loses the documentation? My dad is pretty pissed because he has always bought Dewalt but bought Ridgid ONLY for the LSA.
    BTW. He still has all the copies of the paperwork, receipts, etc. He even has the piece of the box that the UPC was cut out and mailed.
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    Re: LSA Missing Question

    Submit it again along with a cover letter explaining the circumstances. Maybe they will take pity on you and register the tools. In the future, it's always a good idea to monitor your Dashboard(stupid name) to confirm that a tool you registered has been updated to LLSA status.
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      Re: LSA Missing Question

      I agree with BadgeDave, it's important to follow up periodically to make sure your account was processed correctly. I also do an electronic .pdf print out of my dashboard every time a tool gets added and updated.

      Did you guys send your LSA paperwork in separate envelopes?
      Did you send it registered mail?
      Did you register the tools online before you sent in the registration paperwork?

      I would do as BadgerDave suggest and send a letter explaining the circumstances with what you have, you never know.


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        Re: LSA Missing Question

        Just a follow up and to answer the above questions so it might help others.
        We did not send our paper work together. Mine was bought years before his.
        He did not send it registered mail, just regular mail.
        He did register them online before he sent the paperwork.

        Looking back on his note we see that he called support because the LSA never got registered. This was years ago. The person he talked to asked him to fax his reciept and he would take care of it. Now this is where my dad screwed up. After he faxed it in he never followed up on that call and the guy never took care of it. Fast forward a few years later. He calls in and get THE SAME GUY he talked to years before. He says the exact same thing, fax it in and I'll take care of it. This time he followed through and everything is taken care of.
        So it all ended well.