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Collet for 2HP Router R2901 / R29302(kit)

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  • Collet for 2HP Router R2901 / R29302(kit)

    Just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem with the collets for the R2901 2HP router.

    Here's the issue: The collet nut keeps breaking, see attached pic.

    - I have gone thru several of them already and Ridgid just keeps sending me new ones. Good service and all but pain in the butt everytime I have to wait a week or more for the new part. What I have noticed is that the nut is cast instead of machined from solid steel. I am not certain but it appears to me that the nut from the previous model, (R2900), is machined from steel. The replacement part for the R2901 is #201389001, (~$17), where as the replacement part for the R2900 is #200150003, (~$35).

    -Has anyone experienced this issue and does anyone know if the the R2900 part is machined from steel and if it fits the R2901?

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    Re: Collet for 2HP Router R2901 / R29302(kit)

    Collet Assembly (1/2 In) [200150003] - $33.51 at

    This website lists the same part number for both models.

    I do wonder if you might be over tightening.


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      Re: Collet for 2HP Router R2901 / R29302(kit)

      I don't think I am overtightening. Is there a tourqe spec to which the nut should be tightened? I am only tightening the nut until bit would not turn by hand and then tighten just a wee bit more. I also tried not tightening a wee bit more but the bit comes loose after a few seconds of use. Seems to me like you should be able to sinch the nut fairly firm and not be worried about spliting the nut.. I'll measure the torque I am using as soon as I get my replacement part. In the mean time is anyone knows what torque should be used on the nut that would be greatly appreciated.



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        Re: Collet for 2HP Router R2901 / R29302(kit)

        In my opinion you'd have to really try hard to overdo it. Especially with the provided wrenches.

        I hope the other info was helpful.