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Collet for 2HP Router R2901 / R29302(kit)

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  • Collet for 2HP Router R2901 / R29302(kit)

    Just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem with the collets for the R2901 2HP router.

    Here's the issue: The collet nut keeps breaking, see attached pic.

    - I have gone thru several of them already and Ridgid just keeps sending me new ones. Good service and all but pain in the butt everytime I have to wait a week or more for the new part. What I have noticed is that the nut is cast instead of machined from solid steel. I am not certain but it appears to me that the nut from the previous model, (R2900), is machined from steel. The replacement part for the R2901 is #201389001, (~$17), where as the replacement part for the R2900 is #200150003, (~$35).

    -Has anyone experienced this issue and does anyone know if the the R2900 part is machined from steel and if it fits the R2901?

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    Re: Collet for 2HP Router R2901 / R29302(kit)

    Collet Assembly (1/2 In) [200150003] - $33.51 at

    This website lists the same part number for both models.

    I do wonder if you might be over tightening.


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      Re: Collet for 2HP Router R2901 / R29302(kit)

      I don't think I am overtightening. Is there a tourqe spec to which the nut should be tightened? I am only tightening the nut until bit would not turn by hand and then tighten just a wee bit more. I also tried not tightening a wee bit more but the bit comes loose after a few seconds of use. Seems to me like you should be able to sinch the nut fairly firm and not be worried about spliting the nut.. I'll measure the torque I am using as soon as I get my replacement part. In the mean time is anyone knows what torque should be used on the nut that would be greatly appreciated.



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        Re: Collet for 2HP Router R2901 / R29302(kit)

        In my opinion you'd have to really try hard to overdo it. Especially with the provided wrenches.

        I hope the other info was helpful.


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          I am surprised and quite frankly very concerned about the lack of concern about this issue ("...and Ridgid just keeps sending me new ones").

          I just had the collet nut on my R29302 router break as well. I had the router sitting on a workbench and I was holding the router in one hand, with one finger holding the shaft lock and I was tightening the nut with my other hand. I am almost 60, just under 200lbs, and never been a wrestler, body-builder or other that might give me some huge strength advantage, so there is no way that I was putting "excessive" strength into tightening the nut. I hadn't even gotten to the point of putting any effort into it and it broke.

          But in reality, I think Hulk Hogan in his prime should be able to tighten the heck out of it, and it should hold. This is what keeps a very sharp, relatively heavy potential projectile from flying out at 18000 rpm in any direction.

          We all understand the ever-pressing desire/need to reduce costs, but if these things are breaking this often, maybe putting a few pennies back into a steel nut, might improve the customer satisfaction and reduce overall cost... and not even considering the liability factors...

          I also phoned in and customer service was great about sending me a new one, no questions asked. I actually would have felt much better if they had asked for the pieces so that Ridgid engineering could see it and investigate, or something like that.

          I hope anyone else that has experienced this also speaks up...


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            It almost looks like the nut was bottomed out. Did the bit bottom out? Not cross threaded? (Not trying to insult here.) I found this thread, , about this issue. Maybe it can help without his issues.


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              While looking for replacement collets, I've seen this same issue being reported all over the internet. I'm assuming it's by different people because it's on separate sites but, who knows. It could be one person or a few just spreading the word. On the above mentioned link, the OP got seriously hurt and required extensive surgery to repair the damage caused. In my opinion (and just that, my opinion), there seems to be a definite flaw in the design of the collet and or collet nut. I've used just about every brand of router over the last 30 years and have never had or heard of one with as many issues as this one. I have seen the collet nut wear out but that was after years of use in a production setting where the bit is changed several times a day. It never happened on a new machine. I know that there are some aftermarket collets for other brands but not Ridgid as far as I can tell.

              Again, just my opinion.