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18v R86008 Drill Parts

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  • 18v R86008 Drill Parts

    So, I have managed to drop not one, but both of my R86006 Compact drills. Both from over 15ft up right on to concrete walks. Both work fine, but cracked the housing at the base by the battery. Not that big of a deal, but the front half of the battery base is slightly angled upward and causes the battery to not always catch on the two little tabs. I went to order two new housings from ereplacement parts only to find them "discontinued by manufacture"! WTH! This drill isnt even a year and a half old and I cant get parts! The drill isnt even listed on Ridgids own parts website.

    A little frustrated at this point about it... I broke it, and don't expect Ridgid to fix it, but the fact I cant even order a damn casing is ridiculous...

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    Re: 18v R86008 Drill Parts

    Part number 202381001, Gardner has 22 in stock.
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