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Problem with my R4512 Table Saw

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  • Problem with my R4512 Table Saw

    Ok, so I'll start by admitting that I'm a rank beginner.. a woodworking hobbiest at best.

    I'm making a 'princess bed for my daughter and ran into some trouble with my table saw.

    I tried to rip a narrow (2.5") and deep cut at max blade height (2.5") of 4' length pine.
    The motor seemed to labor and then jammed. Unfortunatley, I think I messed up the motor or something?!

    I can still make simple cuts, but now, the motor labors before it starts. It sounds like it is rubbing against something before it gets started, and it takes a good couple seconds to reach max speed, where before it would get to max speed in less than a second.

    I opened up the back and it doesn't look like the blade is rubbing against anything?

    Does anyone have any idea what could be happening here? Belt, motor, blade?

    Any help would be much appreciated (and happy memorial day!)

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    Re: Problem with my R4512 Table Saw

    I would try to tighten the belt and see what happens then. Follow this post for help in doing it


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      Re: Problem with my R4512 Table Saw

      What Paarker said plus check the pulleys alignment. In the future, you may need to adjust your feed as it could be too fast, practice will improve that. Are you using the blade that came with the saw? If so, that could also be part of the issue here as OEM blades usually aren't of the best quality. Another issue could be the alignment of the blade and fence to the miter slot. A double check of those two couldn't hurt.
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        Re: Problem with my R4512 Table Saw

        loose belt or loose pulleys were my first thoughts. also, has the saw been tuned up after assembly? never rely on a manufacturer to have the saw aligned properly out of the box. look over blade alignment to a miter slot first and then verify rip fence alignment to the SAME miter slot. there are other things to check and this might be helpful:

        Table Saw Basics - Alignment - LLC
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          Re: Problem with my R4512 Table Saw

          Thanks a lot guys.

          I'm taking your advice and will report back.


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            Re: Problem with my R4512 Table Saw

            ok. So I took the saw apart. It was definitely a loose belt. I tightened it up, and it's running just fine.
            I put on a new blade and aligned it the best I could.

            It ripped the 2.5" board without losing any power.

            Thanks again!


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              Re: Problem with my R4512 Table Saw

              Even with the belts, pulleys, and alignment correct, the right saw blade is huge. All blades aren't created equal, so buy a good quality blade, and select a blade suitable for the task. Save the stock blade for high risk/junk wood.

              I'd stick with blades from Infinty, Freud, Forrest, Ridge Carbide, CMT, Irwin Marples, DeWalt Precision Trim series, Amana, Guhdo. I'd steer clear of blades from HF, Ryobi, Workforce, Avanti/Avanti Pro, Oldhman contractor series, DeWalt construction series, Irwin Marathon, Skil, Vermont American, most Sears, and other off name brands.

              Tips for picking saw blades