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Lithium Failure ?

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  • Lithium Failure ?

    I know this topic has been beat to death, anyway My set is two years old and one battery no will not operate the drills, but it does accept a charge and it works in the lite, it also shows fully charged on all three + terminals when checked on a meter. I have looked at the terminals and they appear to be clean.
    Any insight would be helpful

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    Re: Lithium Failure ?

    I have a few older units that do the same, but are over 3 years old and didn't bother with the LSA registration. Anyway, they are less than 3 years old so are still covered by the 3 year warranty. If your Home Depot has a tool rental you should be able to bring the batteries (along with the drill & charger) and they can replace them. If you don't have a receipt the manufacture date stamped on the product label should work as long as its less than 3 years old. Date is part of the CSYYWW code. YY = year / WW = week