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X4 cordless circular saw

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  • X4 cordless circular saw

    I have a new one that I bought off eBay I don't have the LSA.

    I love the weight, power, speed and several other features but I have one glaring problem. I can't cut a straight line with it. My old X2 cuts laser straight but this new one always veers left.

    My first guess is cheap factory blade, but I was wondering if there might be some other thoughts out there.

    This tool, or blade, clearly hadn't been used before I got it.

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    Re: X4 cordless circular saw

    I would try a different blade. You can pick up diablo blades pretty cheap. I find they also last longer as well.

    Have you noticed any burning on either side of the blade? I found the paint on the ridgid blades to be a bit thick. Also have you checked all the teeth? Are any broken or are any out of place? Does the blade move up or down when you manually spin the blade?

    I would wager it to be the blade but it could be the spindle. If a second blade doesn't fix it I would take a look at the spindle/ spacers and nut.

    Personally I really like my X4 Saw, I don't have any issues with keeping a straight line.