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R4330 Planer Blade Replacement Question

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  • R4330 Planer Blade Replacement Question

    Hi guys,

    I decided to change the blades on my R4330 for the first time this week. I am not sure about a couple of things so maybe one of you could help me.

    1. When I removed the old blade, some kind of security pin broke and fell out from the blade lock bar (see #3 on picture). There was only one pin, in the middle hole. How can I replace this? Do I have to order a new lock bar?

    2. I bought a new set of blades for R4330/R4331. If you look at the picture again, the new blade has 3 holes (#1 on picture) while the old one only has 1 in the middle (#2 on picture). Can someone explain this to me? Should I have 3 pins in the 3 holes of the blade lock bar?

    Please R4330 owner/user, help me with this. I want to be sure I am installing my new set of blades correctly and securely.


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