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R4330 Planer Blade Replacement Question (2nd try)

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  • R4330 Planer Blade Replacement Question (2nd try)


    Sorry to post this again but for some reason my first post is not showing up.

    So I am about to change my R4330 planer blades for the first time but I would like to confirm a couple of things with you guys.

    1. First of all. on my blade lock bar I think some kind of pin broke in the middle hole (#3 on picture). This was probably used to keep the blade in place. I only had one in the middle hole is this normal and how can I order a replacement pin?

    2. The new set of blades I purchase at HD have 3 holes (#1 on picture) while my old ones had only one in the middle (#2 on picture). How should I install them? Do I need 3 security pins to hold them?

    Thanks and again, sorry for the repost.