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  • New Ridgid Tools ARG!

    I just received an ad from Home Depot announcing another new kit, a new drill, impact driver, and radio!

    I have the max select line and I find them perfect and they meet my needs. 2005 vintage!
    Why do they always introduce new impact drivers and drills when here we keep screaming for
    other tools...etc.?????

    Then we find out by accident new tools are available...Most recently the 18V 4 1/2" grinder!!!
    And..Home Depot has no knowledge of that tool in their's only offered on line!
    Remember Home Depot is licensed to carry the Ridgid tool line....but they never received that memo!
    I only see Ryobi and other brands advertised on their TV ads and many internet ads!

    My corded drill is over 25 years old [DeWalt 3/8"] and works like the day I purchased it.
    All my max select tools run perfectly too!

    The only upgrades I've done has to do with battery chargers and batteries. I really like the X-4 charger
    and the X-4 18V 3AH lithium-ion battery.

    They went through 3 different single bay battery chargers over the past 5 years ...they look similar but the
    circuit board inside is significantly different..I suspect it's an OEM thing?

    I have even seen a newer battery charger that is newer than the X-4 but only on E-bay!!!!!

    We need to start a petition to Ridgid/TTI to fire their entire marketing staff and get some folks that
    are aware of what the real world needs/wants!!!!!!

    Can anyone explain the odd marriage between AEG and FUEGO tools carrying the Ridgid logo?
    I suspect TTI makes them for Europe but they are all the same color orange?

    On the other hand...maybe I just need to abuse my tools know, drop them from a second floor
    or run over them with my van thus justifying purchasing a new drill and impact wrench every 6 months!

    cactus Man