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Sears sells some Ridgid and Ryobi?

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  • Sears sells some Ridgid and Ryobi?

    I guess it's been a long time since I've visited a Sears store or their website. I was in the parts department of a local Sears last week and they offered a number of reconditioned Ryobi power tools and bench tools - at pretty good prices.

    I checked the Sears website and saw quite a few new Ridgid tools there, along with a reconditioned JobMax. They had the plumbing tools, but they also had some drills and other power tools. Their pricing was confusing, though. The Fuego jigsaw that sells for 99 bucks at Home Depot, was $300 on the Sears site!

    I'm aware of the connection between Sears and TTI, but I guess I didn't realize that Ridgid and Ryobi had found their way into Sears now.


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    Re: Sears sells some Ridgid and Ryobi?

    While I haven't seen either brand in the local store, I do know that parts were often available through the Sears website. Also, whether you call Ridgid, Ryobi, or Sears' Craftsman Customer Service, they were all the same support center.

    I understand that Sears did not publish a Craftsman Tool Catalog this year (or so the local store told me); but, the last several catalogs were a vast assortment of different brand names, often confusing, and terribly disorganized in my opinion. It was like Sears was grasping at straws, to offer every conceivable 3rd-party brand name that they could. But, I never saw Ryobi or Ridgid listed among those brands.

    Thanks for the post,



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      Re: Sears sells some Ridgid and Ryobi?

      The sight of Ryobi tools is something I can't really provide and answer on,but regarding Ridgid on the Sears webpage is that Sears is allowing outside vendors to sell products through their website Sears provides them with the virtual storefront. The only thing like you mentioned the pricing is way out of whack to what normal retail is on quite a few things they sell.