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pressure washer dr80763

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  • pressure washer dr80763

    I own an RD80763 that I bought in April of 2009. What grade of oil should be used in the pump. I have only used the pressure washer a few times but there appears to be water in the pump oil. It is "milky." The instruction manual says to take it to an authorized dealer but I would rather do it myself. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks...

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    Re: pressure washer dr80763

    30W non-detergent.
    But if you've got milky oil, you've got an issue.
    It could be that water has entered via the pump's vent cap. If that's the case, change the oil and you're good to go.
    It could be that the pump seals are failing. If that's the case, changing the oil isn't going to accomplish anything.
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      Re: pressure washer dr80763

      Thanks Doc...I appreciate the quick answer. Hopefully it entered thru the vent cap. Again , thanks....


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        Re: pressure washer dr80763

        Mine did this as well, but it was on the original oil and was right about at the recommended amount of run time they say in the manual to change it at. (I cant recall the number but your suppose to change the pump oil after a few hours on the OEM oil its shipped with.) I changed it out with the CAT Blue oil they sell at HD that is specified by CAT. Hasn't done it since. BTW, remember to shut the gas lever on the carb when you are not using it. If you don't, these things are notorious for gas leaking into the cylinder and into the oil. Check the oil in the engine, and see if it smells like gas. Mine did, quite strong actually. Changed the oil and been trying to remember to close it, and so far its alot better.