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R84081 Radio much needed modification!

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  • R84081 Radio much needed modification!

    Well, its been bugging me for some time now that neither Ridgid radio has a USB port to charge a phone plugged into it. I use iHeartRadio or Pandora Radio since over the air radio quite frankly sucks these days, same damn songs ever half hour. Anyway, it was so easy, I cant believe I didnt do it long ago. I used a MonoPrice USB car adapter (rated for 12-24v) that steps down to the required 5v powered USB port. I gutted it and soldered on some new leads after removing the factory connections. Cut a hole in the side of the case and hot glued it in. Soldered it the the two main board power connections and boom, I have a phone charging station!!!

    Monoprice doesnt carry the one I used anymore, but the current one should work as its actually smaller than the one I used.

    Sorry, didnt take any pics of the process.

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    Re: R84081 Radio much needed modification!

    Back to the drawing board, although it says its charging when I plug in my phone, its not. I have 5v at the connection, but honestly its probably the cheap pos unit from monoprice. Im Going to try a better unit.