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    Re: anyone know why...

    Keeps repeating they were never covered or eligible even though they were previously entered into the system as LSA covered. Since the last response was on the 6th I imagine this is how they are leaving it... You have to read it from the bottom up. Removed the names and link to the pdf as it shows a lot of my personal information.

    I think what ticks me off most is the responses don't even acknowledge the tools made it into the system as LSA covered. If it was a mistake and they were entered incorrectly yet weren't suppose to than say so and be done with it. Telling me LSA never happened is bs and just ticks me off even more as I clearly have evidence it did happen despite his assurance it was never eligible.

    SUBJECT: Service agreement questions — MODEL NUMBER: R84081 — SERIAL NUMBER: BW11****** Sent by ***** 08:28PM on September 06, 2013:
    Hello ***, I realize if you log in now it shows three years but I always keep a print screen of all my tools in case of a change such as this. Again, if you give me an email I can forward a pdf copy of my dashboard April 1st showing the LSA coverage on the radios then.

    Here is a link to a pdf of my dashboard showing the tools were registered 09/2012 and still showing LSA coverage up to some time just after April 2013, almost a full year later. The change to three years has been recent, sometime in the last few months.

    **********Link REMOVED******

    Sent by Customer Service 12:35PM on September 06, 2013:

    I apologize for the trouble. I only show the items have 3 yr warranty in the database. Ridgid has never given lsa warranty on the radios as they are accessories and the warranty states 3 yrs on these items.

    Sent by ***** 03:55AM on September 06, 2013:
    Hello ***, thank you for the reply. *** did you read my entire post or just skim it? I'm not trying to be rude but I do ask because your statement clearly contradicts previous comment of what is fact. You say the radios were never eligible for LSA yet my radios were in fact previously approved for LSA. How can something which was never eligible for LSA have made it into the system for LSA consideration and made it through the approval process in the first place? Again If you have an email address I can send you a print out of my dashboard showing them as covered under the LSA program.

    Also when I purchased the kits there was no documentation that the radios were not covered. The package stated LSA, the online system even allowed me to enter the product online. Your employees than reviewed the account as well as my documentation which I sent in via mail before approving the product for LSA. Again, if they were never eligible for LSA then why was this not clear when purchasing, why were the radios allowed to be registered for LSA in the first place and finally why were the radios approved for LSA coverage?

    *** I've been a satisfied customer of Ridgid power tools for some time now and I must confess this situation disappoints me. Personally I feel there was a change after the fact and now my previously covered radios have been bumped out of the LSA program. Simply put, we had an agreement and now it's been changed in your favor. I have the print out from my dashboard showing it was approved and now when I log in I see the radios have been kicked out of the LSA program into the three year coverage.

    Telling me they were never eligible after they when already approved and entered into the program is not right. As a customer this most certainly affects my perception of these tools and makes me question the investment I made in tools based on the LSA program.

    Sent by Customer Service 02:16PM on September 03, 2013:

    The radios are accessories and have never been eligible for the lsa. They have just a 3 yr warranty.

    Best regards,

    *** *******
    One World Technologies, Inc.

    Sent by ***** 03:39AM on September 02, 2013: Hello I purchased this radio along with another radio (serial Number BW113******) These radios were registered as part of kits and were previously approved for LSA. Recently I noticed these radios were downgraded from LSA to a 3 year warranty?

    I have a copy of my account showing these radios covered under the LSA in these kits which I can email for verification if so desired.

    I am inquiring as to why these radios have been unapproved for LSA and also why their downgrade in warranty status was done with out any notification to me?

    Regards, *****.