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Table Saw Setup Ridgin R4511

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  • Table Saw Setup Ridgin R4511

    I have a setup question that pertains to my Rigid R4511. When I crank the blade to 90% it doesn’t quiteget there. I have a Wixey Digital Gaugethat says 89.8%. If I try to crank itthat last bit it makes a popping sound and feels like something slips. I crank it back and it goes to 89.8%.

    As a newbie woodworker, is there something obvious I ammissing? Is that small amount worthfussing over?

    Thanks for the help.


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    Re: Table Saw Setup Ridgin R4511

    have you zeroed the gauge to the table?
    The other most common cause is sawdust buildup on the stop screws, assuming that the stops were in adjustment before.
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