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  • Ridgid Lost A Customer

    RIDGID Tools
    "Sorry Frank but the cordless impact wrench will be sold online only and will not be in stores at this time. However it can be ordered online and sent to your local Home Depot. The Grinder will also be an online tool only but can also be ordered online when it comes out the middle of this month. Hope this helps Greg....Load Older Messages.Load Newer Messages.
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    I responded that I was sorry Ridgid chose to keep their tools out of the stores and hidden from consumers. I said their objective had to be something other than sales and that if I had to order online I might as well buy Milwaukee!
    Ridgid has the LSA and home depot platform in it's favor and still refuses to stock the stores?
    I've had enough with Ridgid and the folks who make in my opinion poor business decisions. Enough!

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    Re: Ridgid Lost A Customer

    You shouldn't be throwing RIDGID out with the bath water but instead you should be abandoning Home Depot altogether if inventory availability is your main purchasing criteria. It is after all their decision what they do and do not put on their shelves. No retailer that I know of carries in stock 100% of the merchandise offered by every single manufacturer they sell. Yes, RIDGID is basically an exclusive product line at HD but inventory turns dictate what is and isn't stocked in most cases. If these new products actually generate enough online sales volume they will eventually make their way to the HD shelves. If they don't then their niche is and probably should be "special order".
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      Re: Ridgid Lost A Customer

      Dave things like respect work into my purchasing criteria, and I do not respect the decision making, responses and behavior on the part of Ridgid. They are free to choose how they conduct their business, and I as a consumer am free to purchase what I choose and from whom.
      I see no effort on the part of Ridgid to market these tools, to display and demonstrate them to the public. Maybe this is all part of a trend, but I do not like it and I will not encourage it with my money. There would take almost no room, or effort expended to display one grinder, and impact wrench, a eye catching sign, and a couple of each in stock. Ryobi has entire aisle frontage in addition to shared tool space for their products, so I fail to see any excuse on the part of Ridgid, other than a lack of desire to sell! I am not in dire need for these tools as I am a home owner and not a professional, but consider the professional looking for such tools. I can only imagine that most know DeWalt, Milwaukee, Bosch and on the low end Ryobi offer such tools, but without so much as a sign, who other than us folks and those who visit Ridgid facebook would know they exist? Ridgid dropped the ball, and lost the sales, someone on their end needs to step up and promote their products.
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        Re: Ridgid Lost A Customer

        The only thing you should get rid of Frank is the person who responded to you
        as he does not know what is happening in every store.

        I was at one of my local HDs this past weekend (Williamstown/Sicklerville) anf
        they had the grinder thereas well as the impact. I was there to buy the Ridgid 1/4
        sheet sander. Give them a call, you're just across the river aren't you? Take a short ride
        down Rt 42 to the land of high taxes (NJ).

        I wonder if each store got an initial shipment of x number of these tools to kick it off
        and the remainder will be online only.

        They also had the old style blue Ryobi grinders for $39, and the new ones for $99.
        I wonder how much better the new Ryobi grinder is for 60 dollars more. Plus the
        old grinder has the battery that rotates to give added clearance.
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          Re: Ridgid Lost A Customer

          Bob, there is clearly a disconnect among Ridgid employees. I think a good representative would have responded to my message by saying, Frank we are sending those tools to your local home depot, and they will be held at customer service for you to see and buy if you wish.
          While I am on the Forum here and there, my wife, one of her sisters and my thirteen year old nephew and sisteen year old niece are making funeral arrangements. My wife's 44 year old sister just died from triple negative breast cancer, and my wife and I will be her children's guardians. They are estranged from their father and we are hoping to give them some stability, joy and safety in which they can grow.
          So I won't be taking any trips out of town to hunt down tools. I am looking beyond the time of mourning to when my life will have more purpose. I admit I thought my days of raising kids was over, and I'm not very energetic, but I am determined to do my best. Some things are best not over thought, blind faith has it's place


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            Re: Ridgid Lost A Customer

            Frank, sorry to hear of your loss. But you also gained some close family that will look up to you as their new father figure. Hoping you, your wife and family the best of luck.

            Now onto the grinder, and impact issue. Why not order them and if you don't like them, im pretty sure you could return them to your local hd. I don't think you need to mail them back.

            See if they will ship to your local store to. Then they will have to refund them from there.

            Wishing you and your family the best. The best is yet to come.

            phoebe it is


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              Re: Ridgid Lost A Customer


              While I clearly respect your decision (and stance on this kind of product sales neglect), I'm not so sure of who I would blame for it.

              My experience with Ridgid and Ryobi tools has been rather satisfactory; however, I can't say the same for Home Depot. As I've said on many occasions, I think that the "exclusivity" agreement between Home Depot and TTI has harmed both the Ridgid and Ryobi brand names to some extent and more so in the recent pass. My understanding is that it is Home Depot that makes the decision as to what tools it will market.

              It is Home Depot that decides what it will display or even carry in the store. I don't know whether that's a national decision, a regional one, or even a local store manager's decision, but it sucks! I've talked to Ridgid/Ryobi product reps and they are not too happy with the way the tools are displayed, maintained, or promoted. The two stores that I regularly visit are about 75 miles apart and managed with marked differences. One store displays some of the larger tools and the other has nothing more than a small sign picturing them and their prices. Both stores poorly maintain the tools displayed and it is almost impossible to find an "orange apron" in either that has a cluse as to what the products are, what their warranty is, or for that matter, even if a new product even exists. AND, one store seems to be more a market for so called "refurbished" tools that show up with minor discounts and have been obviously abused and returned.

              Personally, I don't know how TTI has much control over any of these problems as long as they are restricted by that 2003 "exclusivity" agreement with Home Depot. It just seems to be a really bad partnership IMO. Worse I think is the reflection on the Ridgid brand name, because about the only link between "Ridgid" and TTI, and more in question, Home Depot , is that licensing agreement. I suspect that some day, we'll just see the orange "Ridgid"-branded tools be replaced with "AEG" (used in the rest of the world) as Emerson Electric tires of all the confusion and damage to it's famous brand.



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                Re: Ridgid Lost A Customer

                Frank, I am sorry for your loss.

                My prayers go out to you and your family.
                "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" ? Bob D. 2006
                "?ǝɹɐ sɹǝƃuıɟ ɹnoʎ ǝɹǝɥʍ ʍouʞ noʎ op `ʍɐs ǝlqɐʇ ɐ s,ʇı"



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                  Re: Ridgid Lost A Customer

                  I thank you all for your condolences and words of support. I have long held the belief that where there is life there is hope. Regarding the tool issue, I may sound stubborn in my refusal to order these tools on line, but I firmly believe they should be on display and in stock. Bob D posted that these tools are on the shelves at his local home depot which makes me wonder how misinformed Ridgid representatives are in their responses? CWS points out the further mystery of different advertising or display and stock habits among home depot stores. I don't know who is to blame, but I am the consumer, and I want to buy the tools locally.I maintain Ridgid needs to reach out to the consumer to sell tools if that is their objective. Maybe Ridgid can't force every home depot to display and stock these tools, but when asked directly as I have, they could certainly send them to customer service for inspection and sale. Who knows if more home depots receive these tools as a marketing strategy, the stores may decide to carry them in addition to the massive Ryobi displays? I appreciate all your comments and suggestions, at the end of the day these are minor problems


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                    Re: Ridgid Lost A Customer

                    Dump Ridgid cordless Franki.



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                      Re: Ridgid Lost A Customer

                      "Frank, I have read the forum you told me about and I would have to tell you that if you go to the Home Depot website and type in impact wrench in the search you will not find the Ridgid 18v impact wrench R86010 it will not come up because it has not been released yet it is scheduled as was said before by the end of September. Also if you type in the grinder R86040B it will come up and will show you that the estimated arrival date for this tool is Sep. 16th-18th. If this is the case it can not be in the stores yet. There is an 18v impact driver available in the stores and that may be what was seen. There are currently only 2 angle grinders available and both are corded only 1 in the stores.
                      I understand that it is frustrating when some of the things that are being made are not in the stores but are online only. I have had this
                      issue myself with some of the product I have wanted and was not happy about it my self so I see where you are coming from.
                      In the rigid forum that you told me about there was one person BagerDave who had it right when he said that all the stores can not carry all the tools that are made. This Goes for other brands as well like Milwaukee etc. I am sorry that it is this way and I would love to have all our tools in everyone of the stores but it is the Home Depot is who decides what is ordered for there stores not the manufacturers. I hope I was able to answer some of the questions that you had and again I am sorry about how the tool is being sold. Thanks Greg"


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                        Re: Ridgid Lost A Customer

                        I bought the grinder online and had a posutive experience. I'll do the same with the other.

                        I agree with your frustration but it's not enough for me to bail. There are very few brands I like as well...all of which are more expensive withless warranty. When I weigh all factors I still prefer ridgid.


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                          Re: Ridgid Lost A Customer

                          I have 4 Home Depot stores within a reasonable driving distance from my home.

                          Each store is "similar" yet "completely different"!!!!!!
                          Only one store has Hilti products on display and in stock...The other three stores can't
                          even spell Hilti!

                          I believe they are not Home Depot corp stores rather franchises and thus they can independently
                          select what they have for stock. I believe they also look at demographics to determine what they sell.
                          The store manager has the final decision to what they carry. The product sales representatives do what they
                          can for shelf space!

                          I see this with Lowe's too. One is very heavy in appliances from coffee grinders to dishwashers
                          and another store has riding lawn mowers!

                          Then they all overfill with seasonal crap.

                          I did a local search for a Ridgid part. On this reflector I found out the twin blade saw blade was
                          on close out sale..Well on the Home Depot website which is totally separate from any store! the saw
                          blades were regular price. Nowhere in Arizona did a single Home Depot have the item in stock yet on close out!

                          But on the East coast the blades were marked down from about $40.00 to about $5.00

                          Look closely at the top of this says "RIDGID"
                          Now look at the lower right bottom of the same website says "RIDGE TOOL COMPANY"
                          So..who owns this website? Who moderates it?
                          Is it someone from the "RIDGID" division or is it someone from the "RIDGE TOOL COMPANY"????

                          When we know this then we may get an idea as to why this site does not promote new Ridgid tools
                          or specials! I get a newsletter from Milwaukee Tools offering new tools, introduces new tools,
                          even has special pricing offers. their user group is a similar mix to what we have here but Milwaukee tools
                          seems to be much more responsive.

                          Now..I have a significant number of Ridgid 18V tools and accessories. I also have a number of corded Ridgid tools.
                          From a weekend warrior/homeowner they are excellent and reliable....keep in mind I do not abuse them!

                          I just find that Whom ever is the "go to guy" for Ridgid tools needs to be replaced as he
                          is not doing anything for the brand, the products offered, and most importantly us, the loyal users!

                          I have found more Ridgid tools on E-bay than at any Home Depot store or website!
                          I have found more new models and products from Ridgid on E-bay than on the Home Depot
                          website or at any Home Depot store.

                          By the way there are now newer lithium ion batteries out there. The X-4 are 1/5amp hour and 3amp hour....
                          The newer ones are 2 and 4amphour rated.....nothing mentioned here, or anywhere to announce them!
                          Oh and there is a fifth generation battery charger that makes the X-4 charger [which is excellent]
                          obsolete..but it's only offered on E-bay!

                          This is obviously a total marketing failure by TTI, Ridge tools, Home Depot, or any other entity
                          that sells the orange tools!

                          Go to the support section here and over 1/2 of the Ridgid tools are not listed. You can't find any
                          information for a specific model tool, you can't find any parts on the Ridgid parts site for many
                          of the Ridgid tools, and you can't find any operating manuals for the majority of the Ridgid tools.

                          I'll hold my comments regarding the ridiculous registration process for the warranty and
                          LSA program...This is the 21st century, I can register a 60" $2000.00 LCD TV for a warranty and establish an
                          extended warranty from the manufacturer in less than 10 minutes on line..with verification!
                          AND there is nothing to mail in to get lost..I provide model, serial, purchase information etc.
                          and it's registered and covered plus I get any recalls or tech updates for the product in my E-mail!

                          So Frank, your frustration is shared by many.....

                          Cactus Man
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                            Re: Ridgid Lost A Customer

                            Cactus Man, thanks for taking the time to write that well thought out post.


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                              Re: Ridgid Lost A Customer

                              Originally posted by BobsPlumbing View Post

                              What would be the advantage to buying I-R? They're still made in China, probably a "rebrand" and exactly where would you buy those tools? The web site doesn't give you any information on location or price, only asking you to fill out a form so they can put you on thier customer list.

                              Hey, I used to work for that company... they are not what they once were and I think they are very much relying on thier historical reputation.

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