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Rigid TS3650 Adjusments

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  • Rigid TS3650 Adjusments

    I was wondering if anyone had gone through the adjustments of the Rigid table saw TS3650. There is a portion of the manual (page 33 on the copy I got), which discusses adjusting rip fence guide bar.

    It mentions you may need shims if the front and rear guide are misaligned. I'm assuming this adjustment is for making the fence level and noticed my is off. Does anyone know if the bolts that you can add shims to are the four that tighten the fence to the slider? It states "loosen the 4 nuts holding the rear guide bar in place." I see no bolts in the back, but see the four I mentioned in the area I would call the front of the saw.

    I was going to skip this step, since I couldn't figure this part out, but I noticed my square is off on the portion of the fence that is closes to the motor.


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    Re: Rigid TS3650 Adjusments

    perhaps you can post a link to the OM you're using as the one i accessed here for the 3650 has a crosscut operation discussed on page 33. see page 22 in this OM ( To Align Front and Back Rails the Length of the
    Saw Table):

    is the relative parallelism of the front and back rails what you're referring to? if yes, the saws were shipped with a small suppky of brass shims that were used to make up any gaps between the saw table and the front and rear fence rails. also, the stretcher bar, which keeps the fence from pulling the front and rear rails together when ripping items wider than ~ 18", must also be shimmed to maintain fence rail parallelism.
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