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Wet/Dry Vac questions

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  • Wet/Dry Vac questions

    Anyone know if Ridgid vacs use bushing or bearing in their motors? Specifically the WD1450 or WD1851 models.

    I recently had a Shop-Vac that died because it had bushing and I could not find bearing to fit or replacement bushings. I think if replacement bushing and brushes were available they would last much longer.

    I know this is a Ridgid forum but any recommendations on a wet dry vac in the size and price range of the WD1450 or WD1851? Or any reason to choose one of these over the other.

    It will only be used for DIY projects, and as a dust/chip collector for wood working. I have a separator that I use for wood working or anything that is going to be really dusty.


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    Re: Wet/Dry Vac questions


    Sorry for the late response, I just now caught your post.

    I don't have those particular models. I do have two of the older WD1245 12 gallon vacs that I purchase somewhere around 2003 or 2004. Both are working admirably. I would imagine that they are using ball bearings, but the manual does not say and there is no listing of bearings of any type in the parts list. Probably because the motor is listed as a 'complete' item with no breakdown.

    One thing that I think everyone should know though: The "Lifetime" warranty that covers the Emerson/Ridgid shop vacs is defined by the lifespan of the motor brushes, which are NOT replaceable or at leat not available from Ridgid. As I understand from several postings/complaints a few years ago, once the brushes wear out, the "Life" of the product is considered to be over by Ridgid and is therefore not serviceable... Warranty thus ended.

    To me, and others of the same mindset, this is sort of ridiculous because every other component of the vac may be in great shape, and of couse "brushes" are supposed to eventually wear down to uselessness and therefore should be replaceable. Apparently NOT SO in Ridgid's case!

    However, both of my 1245's still work after almost ten years of fairly frequent use.

    I hope this helps,



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      Re: Wet/Dry Vac questions

      Thanks for the reply CWS.

      I ended up picking up a WD1851 this weekend. The warranty that states lifetime is the life of the motor brushes. This should be pretty good, the shop vac I had died because of a bushing wearing out and resulted in a brush getting half eaten and then locked the motor which then went on fire. luckily it was outside at the time.

      It's big but doesn't seem to take up any more space than the shop vac that it replaced. I like the bags for the accessories, also the big wheels on the back make it easy to maneuver and drags straight at you when you pull by the hose.

      It's also pretty quiet, the hose could have been a little longer and better quality, but is okay.


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        Re: Wet/Dry Vac questions

        And people whine that cheap (harbor freight, et al) tools come with replacement brushes... go figure...

        ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder