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Can I get a plunge attachment for this router?

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  • Can I get a plunge attachment for this router?

    Hello all,

    I have a Ridgid 20568 Model R2400 Laminate Trimmer. Actually a decent, versatile little router. I use it for all kinds of stuff.

    I was curious if anyone had any idea if I could adapt any of the smaller plunger attachments to this and make it into a plunger router.

    Or if anyone knew who at Ridgid I could ask.

    Thank you,


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    Re: Can I get a plunge attachment for this router?


    I have never seen or read of a plunger attachment for the Ridgid trim router. To my knowledge, Ridgid has never made one and I find no reference to one anywhere. The only chance that their may possibly be is if the trim router might fit into a Porter-Cable plunge base.... but I seriously have doubts about that. (The larger Ridgid R2900 does share some compatibility with Porter-Cable accessories, like the edge guide, guide bushings, etc., but even there I'm not sure if 'bases' are interchangeable.

    I have the early versions of the R2900 two base router combo and the trim router. Nice motors in both and certainly there are some good feature, especially with the R2900... BUT, it seems that TTI intentions stopped shortly after introduction of both of these tools and other than a cheap baseplate and guide bushing set, no other accessories were ever introduced or made available at Home Depot. Updates to both products seemed a bit flawed in that they took away something favorable in the process. The plunge base for the R2900 went away which was a significant downgrade. IN the case of the R2400, the base design was significantly improved, but they took away the 'guide bushing' compatible base plate. Just seems to me that the design/marketing team are more interested in keeping to a price point than they are in making these greatly acceptable to the interested buyer.