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  • Compact routers

    Looking for a new compact router kit with plunge capabilities. Dewalt and Makita make one.

    Any one care to offer some guidance on the plus / minus of each brand?

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    Re: Compact routers

    I'd feel good about either. If I was buying I'd check ratings on a few sites just for confidence and settle on the best deal I could find.

    I know.....I know.....lots of help.

    A quick look online helped me out. The makita set is considerably more expensive but contains more accessories. It would boil down to whether I could use all of those accessories or not.

    The porter cable set looks to be the same as the dewalt also. Just in case you run across a deal there.

    2nd edit

    If I could afford it I would go with the makita kit that includes the offset and tilt base as well as the fixed and plunge. $70 for a much nicer kit. You might not think you'd use those, but you never know what you'll use until it's an option.
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      Re: Compact routers

      The PC is single speed I think, or at least the first generation was. The DeWalt is variable speed.
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        Re: Compact routers

        Pulled the trigger on the Dewalt....have never been disappointed with a Dewalt tool...