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Problem with my R4510 table saw

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  • Problem with my R4510 table saw

    Hi folks,

    Today while feeding some 1/2 inch plywood to my table saw, I have noticed a significant change in sound, like it's was spinning faster than normal. So after I have cut the panel I let it run for a few seconds, and then it suddenly stopped, followed by a slight burn odor.

    My table is plugged to a ceiling extension reel (Snapon), good quality. The fuse was popped out so I pressed the reset button. Started the table saw without feeding anything to it. The motor runs for about 5 seconds and then the fuse pops again. Same thing on two other contractor grade extension. Motor runs without any problem when directly plugged into the wall outlet, but the sound is still abnormal.

    Table saw is about 3-4 years old. I am using it for woodworking purpose (hobby).

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you for support


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    Re: Problem with my R4510 table saw

    Since it didn't pop immediately, I'd guess that the circuit breaker is starting to wear. Or when you were pushing the plywood through, it caused the motor to draw more amperage. I'll check with some of the electricians at our shops.


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