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  • New 16ga Air Nailer

    I logged onto my dashboard this afternoon to check the status of recently purchased Tile saw, and saw at the top of the page what appeared to be an ad for a newly designed Fuego 16ga air nailer. Of all of my ridgid tools (and it is an extensive list) my 16ga straight nailer is far and away the one that i am most disappointed with. It just doesnt consistently set nails. Every other Ridgid tool i own i absolutely love. The current Ridgid 16ga is so poor in my opinion that my next tool to purchase is a new Bosch 16 ga nailer. but seeing this picture it may change my mind.....

    Does anyone know anything about a new Ridgid 16ga straight nailer??

    thanks for any help

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    Re: New 16ga Air Nailer

    i have 5 RIDGID nailers and all of them work flawlessly, of course i dont have the straight nailer i have the angled 15g, but i think you got a dud. Did you register for lsa? if so get it looked at


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      Re: New 16ga Air Nailer

      I have that nailer around 3 years now and never a challenge.
      Have you read the manual?
      What air setting are you using 90psi? CFM OK? 3/8" hose?
      What brand brads are you using?
      Have you adjusted the depth setting?
      What wood are you using?
      What size brad is causing your challenge?

      If it's LSA covered send it in for service and I'd include samples of
      what the nailer is doing..send in a hunk of wood with nails not set right
      so service can see what you're experiencing.

      Cactus Man


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        Re: New 16ga Air Nailer

        pesciwasp: I have a Ridgid Framing nailer, Ridgid 18ga brad nailer and the 1/4" crown stapler and all of those work flawlessly as well. My dad, who has been a carpenter for 40 years, said that he has used several of these guns (the straight 16 ga nailer) other then min and said that he had the exact same problem with all of them. it is registered for the LSA, but when my dad said he had the same problem, i kinda assumed it was a problem with that model.....

        Castusman: I have read the manual; set the air pressure; and tried adjusting it in both directions many times with 3 different compressors; used 1/4" and 3/8" hose; same problem with nails from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 nails; tried every depth setting on the gun; most of the trimming I do is with pine, so shouldnt be a wood problem.

        I may go ahead and try to get it looked at and see what they have to say. guess it is worth a shot. If they say no, I buy another gun, i'm no really out much since I'm planning on that route right now anyway....


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          Re: New 16ga Air Nailer

          I agree, it cant hurt. Curious why you choose the straight nailer over the angled?


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            Re: New 16ga Air Nailer

            I guess i went the straight nailer route because that is what i grew up using. My dad has always used the straight 16 ga, so that is just what i am used to. Have yet to run into a situation where i wasnt able to get the job done with the straight style

            I did finally see the new 16 ga nailer at my local home depot over the weekend. found it on the top shelf, no price or anything associated with it. who knows how long it had been there. pulled one down off the shelf and opened it up. Looks like a very nice nailer. Definitely redesigned from the previous nailer that i have. I may have to give it a shot.....