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  • Older Tools warranty

    Hey all, I am just wondering about the older tools that were purchased before the magical 01/01/2004 date. I have a planer, jointer, and table saw that I bought all of them in Dec. of '03 when they still had the true lifetime warranty. When I look at my dashboard, they are listed as 3 year warranties, and are long expired.

    I am wondering if anyone has ever got these tools to show up as LSA? I have all my receipts, even have the Home Depot flyers from that time stating the lifetime warranty, and that as of the 1/1/04 they were going to Limited lifetime. So I am not too concerned about getting anything fixed, since I pretty much have "proof". But would like to get them registered as LSA so I don't have a hassle.

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    Re: Older Tools warranty

    Back when the LLSA was first introduced they allowed all of the grey Ridgid tools to be registered into the LLSA Program. There was a certain amount of time that they allowed that, can't remember how long it was, but if you didn't take advantage of it at the time you missed out. I remember it being discussed on this forum quite a few times so it wasn't something that they tried to hide. If any of your tools ever suffer from a manufacturers defect issue that should be covered under the original warranty.
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      Re: Older Tools warranty

      I am pretty sure I did register at that time. When I look at my dashboard, those tools were registered a while after I bought them. I wouldn't have done that unless I was trying for the LSA. Just not sure why they weren't listed as LSA.

      Anyway, that was my thought too, I have more than enough proof that I bought them during the actual lifetime warranty period so I am not concerned. Would just be nice to see it on the dashboard.


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        Re: Older Tools warranty

        I'd suggest you contact Ridgid customer service and discuss this with them.
        Then they can correct your "dashboard" before you actually need service and then
        have to fight them for the support.

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          Re: Older Tools warranty

          As previously suggested by Cactusman, the best way to answer your question is for you to talk to Ridgid Customer Service. What WE did or think isn't going to matter much, unless Ridgid CS agrees.

          However, I have the older Ridgid gray DP15501 drill press that I purchased in late 2003. It was the last "gray" unit in the store and I got it on clearance for $150. AND, I registered it into the LLSA system by sending in a copy of the receipt and the UPC from the carton, along with all the pertinant information required (SN, etc.). The results was, like all my other registered Ridgid tools, is that it is listed as having the LLSA. If you just entered the data into the online system, most likely you are NOT properly LLSA registered, because that was NOT the required procedure.

          Problem with LLSA is that too many don't do it properly and/or they don't follow up to make sure everything was received and registered. That process takes three to four months, and unfortunately it is left to you, the purchaser, to make sure it's done. If it gets overlooked, you simply miss out and coming back almost a decade later isn't going to help you much, I think.

          However, like you said, you do have the Lifetime Warranty that was part of the original "gray" tool warranty, way back then. But what does that mean? Simply it means that if you have a failure, due to a manufacturing defect (only), then you have a path to repair or component replacement. BUT, after ten years, I think you would be really hard pressed to prove that any component failure was because of poor manufacturing! The Lifetime Warranty, does NOT cover wear and tear, or misuse, and certainly over a ten year period, there would be some question that component failure was most likely a wear issue over a defect.

          The LLSA advantage was that it covers such wear, whereas the "Lifetime Warranty" did not.

          Sorry this isn't more helpful to you,

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            Re: Older Tools warranty

            They are trying to screw me on a drill/driver set I got for christmas too. I did all the LSA stuff online and it was denied?, so I sent it all in and I still haven't heard a word. I just tried calling, but they were closed. I will have to try tomorrow and see about my other tools too.