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R2740 Belt Sander dust collection problem

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  • R2740 Belt Sander dust collection problem

    I picked up a new Ridgid belt sander recently. I really liked it because it isn't that heavy and yet quite powerful.

    Unfortunately, the dust collection system has failed. For the first 2 hours of use it was amazing. I could operate this in my wedding suit and walk away clean. But then after I emptied it a couple times it completely stopped working.

    I can't seem to find a problem. I even dismantled the dust collection area assuming I would find a clog but nothing there. The fan in the dust collection system spins although I can't verify it is spinning at the proper speed, so it doesn't seem to be that.

    I now operate it without the dust collection bag at all because not one spec of dust comes through there.

    Any ideas?
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