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EB4424 spindle sander threads

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  • EB4424 spindle sander threads

    I'm an idiot for letting my "friend" borrow my EB4424 sander. he does not know what a "LH" thread is. I now need to chase the threads on my spindle sander, drive spindle. I believe it's a 5/16"x18 LH but I need to be sure. thanks

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    Re: EB4424 spindle sander threads

    there are thread files that may work, they have the correct threads cut in a file type tools, thread file: Automotive
    and there is another type of chaser that would work on both right and left and it has a head that has a hook type that hold it on the bolt, OTC 7402 Universal Outside Thread Chaser: Automotive this one will not go small enough for your need. Nes NES2 Universal External Thread Repair Tool, 11/16 to 1 1/2-Inch: Home Improvement

    looks like these ones will
    NES 5/32 in - 1/2 in. Universal External Thread Repair Tool
    NES 5/32 in. - 3/4 in. Universal External Thread Repair Tool

    MSC most likely has left hand dies,
    Hex Rethreading Dies |

    it may be possible if you have a second nut to file some notches in it and it may reform the threads, I have made some for cleaning up threads in the past, not as effective as a commercial die More for cleaning.

    may be worth on just checking on what the part cost and replacing it,

    I have used the thread files and the hex type die and even a small triangular file, but I may look in to the smaller external rethreaders I posted,

    the Urls are for information only not a recommendation
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      Re: EB4424 spindle sander threads

      I need to order a die. any idea the size of the die?