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New 18v 4AH battery question

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  • New 18v 4AH battery question

    I was reviewing various user reviews and it seems some folks are
    having issues with the new battery.

    Has anyone experienced problems with run time and/or charging the battery using the
    fourth generation charger, model R840093 [140154001] ?

    Other than the obvious additional AH rating how does this battery
    stack up to the X4 18v lithium ion 54w [3AH] battery?

    Cactus Man

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    Re: New 18v 4AH battery question

    Hands down, the 4ah battery is the best cordless battery I've had. The 3.0 x4 batteries are pretty impressive but the new 4.0 is that much better. I challenge anyone to put a battery in a freezer and pull it out and have it work as normal. The 4.0 does.


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      I've been impressed with the 4ah, takes a long time to charge but lasts a hell of a lot longer. I haven't seen any issues and I have several different chargers.