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12" Sliding compound miter saw?

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  • 12" Sliding compound miter saw?

    The 10" Makita is a bit long in the tooth so I've been looking at 12" models.

    DeWalt- generally I find them to be well built & like using their tools. In this case it seems to do everything great. Except slide. Which is a pretty important component of a SCMS, afterall.

    Bosch- the articulated arm is smooooooooth and space saving. Otherwise-plastic fantastic for $800. Nope!

    Festool Kapex- I am aware and while it has some neat features it is probably a better dedicated shop saw. Plus, for the price, whole lotta plastic there as well.

    Makita- in my experience, over the last several years quality has declined while price has increased. Steadily.

    Ridgid- What can you tell me?

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    Re: 12" Sliding compound miter saw?

    I have a Dewalt DWS780 that is 12" and it slides.


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      Re: 12" Sliding compound miter saw?

      I find your take on the Makita's very interesting. My FIL had a LS1013 and I have a LS1016 and find the quality level of both to be very high. The price difference between the LS1013 and the more current LS1016 is hardly significant at all.

      I wouldn't even put the Ridgid SCMS's in the same class as the others you mentioned.
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        Re: 12" Sliding compound miter saw?


        most of my good Makitas are from the late 80's thru mid 90's; exception is the SCM ca 2005 which has been a workhorse.

        There is a big difference between that time frame and when Makita shifted manufacture to China- quality declined. From that time I had two planers, a generator, compressor and tablesaw which were, unequivocally, garbage- and my crew, at the time, was not shy about lending their opinions!

        I find your take on the Ridgid very interesting; what do you mean?

        In the meantime- I've researched the Milwaukee.

        In a perfect world, DeWalt would have the articulated arm and I'm in.


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          Re: 12" Sliding compound miter saw?

          i just bought the ridgid about 4 months ago. i had a 12" craftsman that was not very accurate. i fitted the ridgid on a dewalt miter stand that i love. i got a free ridgid stand with the saw but gave it to my nephew because of the lack of rollers. back to the saw, out of the box on a 90 degree cut the laser is dead on. i am on my 3rd kitchen cabinet and all the face frame joints are tight. i have yet to cut miters because i have not started on any trim yet. now the drawback. the dust collection system looks like it was designed by a fence post. more dust goes out than in the bag. the only bright spot is you will never have to empty the bag. i have cross cut 13" wide 1/2" panels which makes it nice. it is heavy also, seems to have good power. laser is adjustable. i like everything but the fore mentioned dust collection. they are still selling this with the free mobile stand at my home depot


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            Re: 12" Sliding compound miter saw?


            from what I've read, dust collection (or lack thereof) seems to be a common complaint.
            I like the 13 1/2" crosscut capacity.

            Does the saw head track straight and true? Deflection?


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              Re: 12" Sliding compound miter saw?

              i really won't be able to tell til i start some trim. at 90 degree it is right on. maybe i am just lucky. i have three more face frames and a few other cuts before i start some trim. i bought a new 12" cmt blade but i have not needed to put it on yet. not getting any tear-out. probably just jinxed myself.


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                Re: 12" Sliding compound miter saw?

                Thanks mongo-

                I live nowhere near a Home Depot so thought I'd ask here; perhaps not many own/use the Ridgid which may say something.

                In the interim I have looked at a Hitachi 12" which has an intriguing slider system. I used their old 8 1/2" model back in the late 90's-that was a helluva saw.