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X-4 18V 3AH battery question

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  • X-4 18V 3AH battery question

    My older/original X4 model 18V 3AH batteries have red LEDs in the "fuel gauge"

    I just purchased newer? ones..and they have yellow/orange tinted LEDs in their
    fuel gauges.

    when did Ridgid make the change and why?

    Cactus Man

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    66 views and not a single answer!

    Cactus Man


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      They never changed. Ridgid ran short during production and used the Milwaukee insides during the battery promotion


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        i dont understand your answer? Milwaukee doesnt have the same battery gauge, hes asking about the lights


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          The LEDs, they use the same LED array


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            Are you sure the new batteries are not the new 2AH and 4AH batts? From my experience the 3ah and 1.5ah batts have the red fuel gauge and the newer 4ah and 2ah batts have the orange fuel gauge.


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              I have two newer X4 3AH 18V batteries and they do indeed have the orange/yellow LEDs.
              I have many older X4 3AH 18V batteries and they indeed have the red LEDs.

              I tend to agree with Alpha-cowboy's explanation regarding using other LED colors due
              to inventory.

              The battery is in fact a 54watt 3AH 18V battery and runs perfectly. Only the LED color
              threw me off.

              I did purchase them via E-bay as they were almost $60.00 cheaper, no shipping,
              no sales tax...and were NOT re-manufacture batteries!
              However, I only get a three year warranty instead of LSA coverage but that's OK
              with me.

              Since you say the newer 2 AH and 4AH batteries have the orange/yellow LEDs
              I suspect these batteries were made as they transitioned from one model to
              another and happened to run out of red LEDs...

              Cactus Man
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