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Ridgid R5010 Hammer Pulse Drill

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  • Ridgid R5010 Hammer Pulse Drill

    Regarding the Pulse Mode:
    Does the pulse mode on this drill perform the same function as an impact driver? If so, does the pulse action run continuously when in the pulse mode? Can the pulse function be activated only when the torque required exceeds a set threshold?

    Regarding the variable speed capability:
    Can the drill speed be controlled with the trigger... or is the only speed control provided by the dials on the top of the drill?



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    To the best of my knowledge, the dials limit the top speed and the speed is variable within that range controlled by the trigger. I read a short blurb in a magazine about it when it first came out. It stated that the pulse function spins the bit in short bursts, giving an example of starting a hole in tile thus enhancing control and reducing the tendency of the bit to wonder off. It has nothing to do with increased torque capabilities. It appears to be a real nice drill, the only thing that might keep me from buying one is the little speed dials gave me the impression of being to fragile and may break off if they were to suffer a inadvertent hit.