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Ridgid 12 gal wet/dry vacuum

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  • Ridgid 12 gal wet/dry vacuum

    I have a 12 gallon Ridgid wet/dry vac [2 yrs old?] that has ceased to 'suck'. Have emptied unit, cleaned filter, - motor makes 'appropriate' noise, but neither 'vacuum' nor 'blower' seem to respond. Have also checked the small PVC cylinder in the stalk [part of 'upside down' unit termination?], but it seems to slide O.K.

    QUESTION: Is there some other thing that I've missed, or a simple way to determine whether my vacuum has 'died'? T.I.A.


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    Sounds like you have a blockage in the hose.
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      One normally would chuckle at such a 'seemingly' simple solution as that would be the first thing one would check - and I did. However, upon reflection [and your comment] I went back to re-check the hose. Your approach was correct. What I had previously missed was that I had sucked in both water and sawdust. The cellulous[sp?] in the sawdust apparently, with added water, had acted as a sort of 'glue' to the incoming addtional sawdust and slowly, over time, a 'glued' build-up of sawdust had occurred in the hose. Just knocking the hose against the ground did not dislodge the now-cemented sawdust. And, not seeing anything come out I just assumed that the hose was clear. After banging the living s**t out of the hose I was finally able to dislodge the caked dust. So . . .

      Once again we see that the simple approaches are often the best starting place. Many thanks for reminding me of same.