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What is this,Batteries or charger?

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  • What is this,Batteries or charger?

    Ok ,I must have run these batt. in the rd500 kit 12v impact/drill kit, 15x thru cycles,charged them, not when hot and they never have much run time or hold a charge in storage for a week. HD hads no more, Ridgid wants me to pay for shipping to a service ctr. They were bought 8/05.
    I decided to try something, I charged the battery,let it rest 10 min. put it in again and it went another 20 min, did the same and again 20 min. The battery has held up 2 weeks,did another project ,still charged. They act normal so far and I do not want to charge them again until hey run down.
    ??? Is this a battery or charger problem???

    I have had cordless since the Makita stick drill came out and have 5 different brands and never seen this. Any advice besides another cycle?

    G0511 is the # of both chg/batt

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