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Help me understand the impact driver.

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  • Help me understand the impact driver.

    I bought the 18v combo with the impact driver. It reads it has like 1500lbs of torque. I tried to knock off my ATV lug nuts with it but it didn’t have the power? How is the power measured? Do I lose a ton of power when I go from 1/4 to 1/2 socket driver?

    When I look at cordless impact wrenches, they are around the 200lb mark.

    Help me understand a bit better the tool and its abilities.

    Thanks much

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    I did the same double take when I firt looked at the 14.4 V Impact Driver, but it didn't take long to realize that torgue is 1400 INCH lbs. Obviously, Inch LBS is significantly lower toque than Ft.Lbs that you see on air power impact drivers. So, it may not be good for loosening the lug nuts on your truck, but it will do a fine job drive those lug screws into you hard wood deck.



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        Your 18 Volt Impact should have 125 FT Pounds Thats all some home air impact have so it should get them off.


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          Inch Pounds...........

          THe ridgid impact driver has 1400 inch pounds. If you want to know the foot pounds you take the inch pounds and divide by 12 to get the foot pounds.

          1400 / 12= 116.6666666666666666666666666667 Foot pounds

          NOT 125


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            Supposedly the 18v has 1450 In.lbs, so it really has about 120.8333.ft.lbs
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              Re: Help me understand the impact driver.

              i have herd of people losening lugnut with an impact driver and it may be posible. It would most likely happen on a small car with a low recomended toque rating on the ugnut and if they had been torqued to that point. If you want something to losen lugnuts get a cordless impact wrench which is designed for tightening and losening bolts.


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                Re: Help me understand the impact driver.

                Impact drivers

                If you ever have had one apart, you will see on the motor end a shaft like unit with a small swinging block on it, and that fits into a shell that has a lug on it,

                the weight and size of the mechanism is what creates the torque, as well as the speed,

                as it spins the weight (hammer) swings out and it hits the (anvil) the lug on the shell, if it is small and light there can only be so much HIT power, regardless of the speed in which it is hit,

                in a way it would be similar if you took a wrench and put on the nut, and then took a small "L" shaped bar, and put in a electric drill chuck and spun it letting it hit and bounce off the wrench,that was attached to the nut. (but on a impact gun this is all contained into a nice safe package)

                the smaller the mechanism is the less torque there is produced, and by listing it in Inch pounds it makes it look more powerful,

       look at picture #6 for what the insides look like,

                (note: in my opinion the chuck there trying to sell on the page, does not make a poor mans hammer drill, as the impact wrench hits side ways the rotary direction and a hammer drill hits up and down, not round and round, (I thought the same thing when I was first starting out in construction and thought I found a low cost hammer drill, all I bought was an expensive chuck) the simple is an impact wrench and a hammer drill is just two different animals,),
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