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Max HC vs. Regular Batteries

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    Nope, my Max HC batteries all say NiCad on the bottom. According to a post from Ridgid a while back, they do not use NiMH batteries in their cordless tools. also, NiMh batteries still lose power just like Nicads. I believe their main benefit is that the may take more charges before going bad, but they weigh a lot less. I also believe that someone said NiMh batteries aren't good fro cordless tools because of the large power drain. (sorry if I repeated anyone above)


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      I've do research, including batteries, and I can tell you that currently NiCad is the best for drill and saws. They are an "older" technology, and are the heaviest for the capacity (except for maybe lead acid), but they perform very well for demanding applications, have a very low internal-resistance (meaning they can supply high bursts of power, and they take abuse).

      NiMH batteries, while lighter for a given capacity, and they experience less of a "memory effect" which is good, but they have a big shortcoming, they can't supply the very high load that NiCad can, otherwise they are good batteries.

      The bad part about NiCads is that cells can short, and the higher the voltage of the battery bank, the higher the chance of this occuring. Fast chargers have helped here, because they produce a high current, which can tend to unshort cells. (shorted cells can be revived with a few tricks) The bad part about fast chargers, is they can't charge a battery pack as fully as a slow charger.

      The trick for long battery life is to store and charge cells in a cool place and never discharge a battery all the way. As soon as the pack starts loosing power, stop and recharge it. A discharged cell is most likely to short. Also, never sore batteries discharged, and charge them every two months or so, even if you never use them, but never leave them on a charger more than the time it takes to charge them.

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