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Need to buy a DADO blade setup

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  • Need to buy a DADO blade setup

    i need help in the advice department, i need to but a dado blade setup for my ridgid RAS RS1000 and i am not sure which one to buy. does anyone have a brand/ model number/ size/ etc. that they like to use. i would like to have something middle of the road so to speak, i don't think i can drop $280+ on this setup. please give some reasoning as to why you like what you like and price if you don't mind. thank you.

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    Cant speak from experience as I use a wobble on my RAS and when I need precision I turn to Carbide Spiral bits and my router but here is what WOOD magazine (Sep 2003) recommended and I find there tests are fair. They recommend Freud SD208 as top value stating that This set does not come with a 3/32 chipper but all 3 stacked without shims cuts were undersized which we prefer. An inexpensive set best suited for solid wood. Shims are not marked or color coded. $ 95
    The Freud SD508 tied as top tool with the forrest dado king but the Fread is cheaper by $60 at $200. Comments are .. a mid priced set that cuts flat bottomed dados with little scoring in the corners. Excellent storage case that provides ready access to both blades and chippers. It cuts too wide at 3/4 width by 0.003" but the included 3/32" chipper minimises shimming. Shims are neither marked or color coded.
    Hope this helps


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      I agree with wbrooks. I have the Freud SD208 and am very pleased with its quality. From past bad experiences with blades and router bits, I now only purchase Freud equipment. In the past 5 years, I have never once had any problems with anything made by Freud. Definitely something you dont want to have a problem with spinning at a few thousand RPMS.


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        I have the SD508 and feel it is an awesome tool... I would buy again... It cuts super clean dados everytime... Here is a link to a pretty good deal:

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          If the Freud SD208 sounds like it might be what you're looking for you can get it on sale for $59.95 + $5.00(UPS) + $2.95(insurance) = $67.90 here International Tool
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