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Craftsman wont give me a straight answer...

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  • Craftsman wont give me a straight answer...

    Anyone know who manufactures craftsman's pneumatic tools? The local sears hardware is going out of business and has some great prices, but i still want to research them.

    They seem not to bear any resemblence to anything on the market. I would venture to say dewalt?

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    they are made buy a few companys dewalt(black&decker)senco and portercable to name a few.the best thing to do i think is get what you want while you can and go to your local tool rental shop and order a rebuild kit for each tool and ask who is the parent company for each tool he will be able to inform you better than sears more than likely
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      I have a few Craftsman airtools and don't know the home manufacturer but they do just fine for around the house and rotating tires and such. They came with the compressor when I bought it. If you have something heavier in mind be sure to get their professional line.

      Wish a tool store near me would have a big out of business sale. Unfortunatly I seem to keep them all pretty busy.
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        They look like campbell-hausfeld(sp?).


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          The side ratchets look like they could be CH. I am interested in the nail guns.

          Sears Parts has gotten impossible to work with as of lately. I refuse to buy anything from them at all cost.

          SOmetimes it is necessary, but I try to avoid that by not buying craftsman tools, but if I do, i need to uncover the parent company and make sure they support their products.


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            This site lists sears sources.
            web page
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              Lorax ... really cool link !! Like many people, I used to buy mostly Craftsman tools so I have quite a few and was always curious as to their actual manufacturer.

              A few that I knew ...
              Compressor : DeVilbiss (made in USA)
              Recipricating Saw: B&D (made in USA, identical to a Dewalt model at the time)
              Wet/Dry Vac: Emerson (no origin stated)
              Tool Boxes: Waterloo Industries, Source Code # 706 (made in USA), I found one not on list !!

              Ones I did not ...

              Ryan (made in USA): Circular Saw, Scroll Saw, Router, Belt Sander, & Orbital Sander
              Ryan (made in China, same source code but also listed as possibly Ryobi): 3/8" Corded Drill
              Vermont American (made in USA): Router Table & Accessories
              Emerson (made in China): Belt/Disc Sander
              Emerson (made in Taiwan, same source code): 10" Compound Miter Saw
              Chaimberlain (assembled in Mexico): Garage Door Opener
              Hand Tool Int'l (made in China): Bench Grinder
              Source code # 875, another not listed (made in Japan): 1/2" Impact Gun

              Very Cool Indeed !!


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                Lorax, tried your link and did not work for me.

                I did find this site with codes for appliances for anyone who is interested.


                And, there is the OWW web site for codes of older Craftsman, Sears, King Seeley machines, as well as info on many other manufacturers of old woodworking machines.



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                  Originally posted by Bob D.: Lorax, tried your link and did not work for me.
                  It won't work for me now. Try this one.
                  web page
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                    TNX Lorax, that one worked.


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                      Be warned. Just because a craftsman tool is made by lets say Porter Cable, it doesn't mean that it is equivalent to the manufacturers version, often the craftsman version has different componentry. I doubt the craftsman version would have better parts the manufacturers.
                      I don't know about the past, but buying most craftsman stuff today is not smart, you can usually get a better tool for the same price elsewhere. The only tool I see at sears worth the price is their TS, I think the model number is 90210, it is a good deal when you can buy it with a 10% sale and craftsman club discount. It is alot of saw for about$650 with discounts.


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                        I try to avoid craftsman at all costs power tool wise. The local sears hardware just closed and had some really good buys on pneumatics but i steered clear. I have an archaic craftsman bench grinder that still works great, but i do need some parts. All I have been trying to do is get a parts breakdown from one of their new 6" grinders so i can order the parts I need and modify them accordingly. The f***tards at sears parts can't get that throught their thick skull. I give them a catalog number of their grinder and no one can grab a catalog pull up the model number and get me a breakdown. Makita, Milwaukee, Hilti, all have this info readily available on their and various sites on the web. Other mfgrs do too. It is pretty sad when sears parts can not get me a break down for a grinder that they make. THis and a few other issues is why i avoid them if at all possible.
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                          space, look it up yourself at (this is if you have not already tried that route).

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