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TP1300 planer max cutting depth?

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  • TP1300 planer max cutting depth?

    I've looked all through the manual and the site, and can't find this info. Am I blind??

    What is the maximum cutting depth for this planer with a variety of wood widths/types? Also, what do those of you with some experience recommend as a good practical maximum?

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    The planer does not restrict how much material can be taken off since you simply set the height, but I don't ever cut more than 1/16" off at a time. With harder woods or highly figured woods, I tend to cut less than 1/16" off. When I approach my finished thickness, I like to do a pass with 1/64". If you try and take too much off, you will get tear out or find the wood jamming.


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      Actually Jeff, it does. The cutter head and knives only hang down so far from the assembly. So the amount of which the stock will fit under the assembly is all that the cutter can take off.
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        Yes I suppose that is correct, I have never reached that maximum before in my planing experiences. Probably not a depth that is desirable to cut at.


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          I would guess that it doesn't really matter. Most people use their planers to take off little bits, not large chunks. Too much chance of ruining blades and tearing wood. Probably better off with multiple passes.