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TS3650 Tabletop Not Flat

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  • TS3650 Tabletop Not Flat

    I just bought the TS3650 saw last Sunday and followed the instructions precisely. My problem is there is about 1/32" gap between the saw table and the extension wing table at the end of the wing. If I lift on the wing it lines up then I tighten the bolt, but then the end drops off almost as if it needs at support at the end. Can any please help me with that?


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    If I'm understanding correctly what you're saying, it sound like all you need to do is install a shim on the underside of the saw between the tabletop and the extension wing.
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      If I understand you correctly you are saying that the extension and the TS top have a gap of 1/32" where they meet(what you are referring to as "the end of the wing"). And, if you lift up on the extension you can close the gap for a tight fit. But, after tightening the bolts the extension sags down and the gap returns.

      If that is correct then check that the edge of the table and the extension are both square to their respective top surface. Use an accurate machinist square and check to see if the mating edges of each piece (table top and extension wing) are square just as you would check a board to see if one face was square with another. Run(slide) the square along the entire edge. Use your hand or fingers (check for rough or sharp spots frist) to feel for any high spots or uneveness that could be causing the gap. I don't think the above is likely but it is possible that during machining something happened that caused this condition.

      You should not need any additional support for the wings to achieve a tight fit with the table top. If the wing is installed correctly between the rails and the mating surfaces of the table top and wings have both been milled properly they should fit together with no gap.

      Any chance the rails are bent? Was there any evidence of damage to either box which might indicate rough handling or other abuse during shipment or stock handling operations?


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        Thank you all for your suggestion. Actually there are no gaps between the table top and the extension wings and they match very smooth as if they were one surface. I worked on it last night with loosening the rails and tightening the extension wing bolts as hard as I could. The gap (drop off) is only 0.020" with feeler gauge. Is that normal? If anybody knows how to include a drawing or attachement to these posts, I can attach a sketch.



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          You can't include a photo in your post directly, yhe photo has to reside on another website or place on the 'net that can be accessed and the photo included in your post by reference.

          In english this means that you need a place to host your sketch or photo, you can't just upload it from your computer to the forum.

          The way to include in a post an image is to use the Image button below the messsage box where you enter the text of your post.

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          Most internet service providers (ISPs) like AOL, Comcast, etc. give their users some web space with their account. You need to look into the particulars of how to place images in your online storage space. Once the image is there you just enter URL into the popup box that appera when you click on the Image button while composing a post in the Forum.


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            email me your pictures and I'll host and post them for you.

            email to :
            Ian Wilson


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              I had the same problem with my Unisaw. I couldn't get the left wing flat with the table. It was off about .0015 and nothing I did would line it up so I called Delta and they offered to send a new wing but suggested a method I could try and if that didn't work they would send a new wing or wing and table whatever it took to make the table and extension line up. Anyway, the tech. suggested I try by lining one end of the w&t and then the center and use a clamp and block of wood clamped across the extension and table. I had to use a shim between the extension and board and a pipe clamp but I got it aligned to within .0003 with Deltas blessing. The table and wings are flat to within .0004 which is within mfg. specs and the saw cuts fine. My old 1977 Craftsmans table and extensions were flat period.