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Router Info. and Recondition?

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  • Router Info. and Recondition?

    Hello all. I was was given a pretty nice gift today. My girlfriend's father was cleaning out his attic the other day and told me that I could have his router table. I didn't expect it to be much but I was still happy. I went to pick it up out of his garage and was surprised to see a Porter Cable model 514 router sitting under it. It appears to be in good shape and will turn on but i'm sure that it has been sitting for 15-25 years. Does anyone know how muck hp or how many amps. the model 514 is. Also it there any lubrication that needs to be done. I still need to check out the brushes. I have a model 694 which I love, buts its always nice to have more tools. I was also surprised to feel how heavy the thing was compared to my 694. Thanks for any advice.

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    You can try Poter Cable for a photo copy of the manual
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      Thanks for the info., but couldn't give me any info. I have the manual, but it doesn't really say anything. I found out that it is a 12 amp router and I would guess that it was at least a 2 hp, but I am not sure. The brushes are in good shape, but wore unevenly. I'm just not sure if there is anything that needs to be done after 20 years of sitting, such as lubrication.


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        Lorax posted this formula awhile back telling how to figure out the HP of a motor; amps x volts = watts with 746 watts = 1 HP. So, 12amps x 110 volts = 1320 watts, divided by 746 = approx. 1.77 HP.
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          Is there a Porter-Cable authorized repair shop anywhere near where you live? If so, I'd guess that you could take it to them and for the likely quite small cost of having them look at it and just do a routine service on it, have it essentially restored to new operating condition. Make sure you tell them how long it has sat unused, etc.